Frequently Asked Questions

What type of glass is offered by Essential Glass™?

The range consists of 17 options across the 5 categories. We offer clear, low iron and mirror glass, along with a solid or metallic paint finish.

Why should I purchase Essential Glass ™ from Bunnings Warehouse?

The extensive range offered by Essential Glass ™ allows for a choice of colours, glass and paint types.

Purchasing Essential Glass ™ from Bunnings Warehouse takes the risk out the measure, delivery and installation processes. We eliminate the risk by attending your home to measure the splashback area and we return with the glass splashback and install it.

What are the panel size constraints?

The maximum panel length for glass splashbacks is 3000mm (3 metres). Whilst the panels can be made longer, handling and installation can be challenging. This will be discussed during the measurement of your splash back.

The minimum panel height for glass splashbacks is 30mm.

The cutouts must be no less than 50mm from any edge.

Typically if there is a join in the splashback this will be in line with overhead cupboards or in line with the cooktop.

Does the Essential Glass™ range meet Australian Standards?

Yes, all our glass supplied meets Australian Standards - it is manufactured to AS/NZ 2208: 1996 - Safety glazing materials in buildings.

All our splashbacks are manufactured from 6mm thick toughened glass.

Can power points be cut into the glass?

Absolutely. The position of power points in the glass will be discussed at the time of measurement.

The power points must be isolated during the installation process.

Power point positions must be determined at time of ordering. Power point positions cannot be altered after measurement and order has been completed.

What stage should I schedule a measure and quote?

All cabinetry needs to be installed (including bench tops if they are not being supplied through Essential Stone) plus power point locations and range hoods installed.

Once you have selected your colour from the range, simply visit Bunnings Warehouse Special Orders desk and a request for measure and quote will be made. We will contact you to arrange an appointment to visit your home to undertake the measure and formal quotation for your splashback.

What surface preparation is required prior to installation of my glass splashback?

The splashback can be fixed to cement sheet, MDF, plasterboard or concrete walls; we also require a smooth surface without protrusions.

Whilst the splashback can be directly adhered to existing tiles; this does result in loss of bench space and when the splashback is viewed side on the exposed edges give a thick appearance – both tiles and glass will be seen.

Is my Essential Glass™ splashback covered by a warranty?

Yes. Warranty for Essential Glass™ splashbacks is 7 years covering colour delamination and workmanship. The warranty does not cover surface damage or breakage due to impact. For more detailed information, download our warranty here.

How do I clean my glass splashback?

Glass is generally quick and simple to clean with a soft cloth and warm soapy water. For more details, download our care and cleaning instructions here.